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Main points: Creating unity, stability and synergies among the members in order to guarantee a long-term existence. Maintenance of flexibility of each member with the background of a strong group.

  • Regular meetings and negotiations with preferred suppliers
  • Monthly information on turnover, sales, objectives etc.
  • Central Marketing Activities
  • Central IT service (Intranet, Website, Product Database, E-Shop...)
  • Key account management


C/Príncipe de Vergara 109
28002 Madrid
Tel.: 0034 91 541 70 82

Email: centralφfegime.es
Web: http://www.fegime.es

Ricardo Gomez, Corporate Chairman
Ricardo Gomez
Corporate Chairman
Jorge Ruiz-Olivares, Managing Director
Jorge Ruiz-Olivares
Managing Director
Wholesalers participating: 28
Sales outlets: 137
Turnover (2019): 496.973.904 €
Market share: 15%
Year of foundation: 1989